Make The Sea Plastic Free | Message On It

Turtles are just such beautiful creatures and it's so important that we educate everyone about the importance of not having plastic in our oceans.

At Message On It we are making a Children's Tees design that portrays the image of a Turtle with the wording "Keep The Sea Plastic Free". Available in a range of children's age sizes from 1-2 to 13-14 years old, these Turtle t-shirts are machine washable too.

Great gift idea.

I litter pick on the beaches around where I live and the amount of rubbish I collect from; single use plastic bottles, straws, cans, fishing rope, ghost net, plastic cutlery, plastic bags... the list is endless and is endangering our sea life. A lot of what I find has come from streams and rivers which then washes the rubbish into the sea, it's so sad and we need to make sure we teach our children that we cannot go on doing this anymore.

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