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Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Message On It offer reusable, refillable and recyclable, Personalised Football Party Water Bottles, made from LDPE. This bottle is easy to fill, straight from the tap! The bottle is BPA Free, Food Grade and spare lids are available to purchase thus making the bottle a very good choice of water bottle for lunch boxes, back packs, lunch bags, football schools, parties and for football mad children.

There are 3 sizes of the Personalised Football Party Water Bottles to choose from - 350ml, 550ml and 750ml all with screw top lids. Choice of coloured lids are available too. Just add your name to the bottle to Personalise it!

Message On It are eager to promote this bottle to help encourage the use of refilling and reusing bottles. With the  latest news that London now has water stations whereby you can refill bottles with water, this is a product that can be refilled again and again.  Message On It are very excited about the London water stations and are looking forward to many other towns and cities following this initiave. Fill your bottle "Straight From The Tap".

It is now also possible to take reusable water bottles air side when travelling through the airports, so rather than buying a single use bottle you can take your reusable bottle with you on holiday and fill it up again and again.

Message-on-a-Bottle are hoping that this will appeal to both parents and football mad children and in the long term will help to save on plastic waste. Prices range from £5.50 to £7.95 for a Flip Top or Screw Top Personalised Bottle.

Message On It also have a range of Stainless Steel or Aluminium water bottles in different sizes To find out more about the many products offered by Message On It. Please email:

and we will be please to help with any further information required.

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